Saturday, May 10, 2008

1991 Audi 200 Turbo Quattro and the Instrument Cluster

Once I owned such a beast. I really did love this car. It was a blast to drive. It did almost everything I asked of it. It really was very mechanically reliable. The electronics on the other hand were abhorrent.

I bought mine when it was probably about 9 years old. About a year later the instrument cluster back lighting was not working properly. I couldn't find much information on the intertubes about it at the time, but these dashboards were notorious for other issues. After buying my first digital camera, I took the opportunity to rip the dashboard out and trace the failure. I posted my results on my wifes web site in a corner not directly navigable. That old web page is long gone, but I still see people pointing to it from time to time. I decided to go ahead and re-post my results to anyone who may still have one of these cars running around.

Notice the narrow region near the upper right corner of the spedo cutout. This weak area flexes and can cause cracks in the solder joints. This joint supplies ground and power to the spedo. The high beam indicator and the blinker lights will glow when the ground is broken. You will also loose some dash board illumination. These symptoms can be intermittent.

I soldered a jumper wire from the ground pin from the main connector across to the next via on the ground wire. I also re-soldered the power junction to repair the crack which had formed. I did the same thing for the adjacent power pin. This repair was completely successful for the entire time I owned the car.

Here are some more shots of the PC board for those of you who are interested.

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