Sunday, May 11, 2008

3D Ultrasound

The first kid is always the most exciting. We were so excited we decided we couldn't wait for her to be born before we got a decent photo. My wife found an add somewhere for a place which performed 3D ultrasounds. The sample photos were cool, the price wasn't outrageous, so I said sure, why not? For some strange reason we had to get a doctors note before they would do it. It turns out that at our next doctors appointment we had our least favorite Dr. He pretty much laughed at us and told us not to bother and save the money for the kids college fund. He signed it anyway.

We had to drive down to Denver for the procedure. I was expecting something like a medical experience with doctors and nurses etc. What I remember was pulling into a place which more resembled a strip mall. The place appeared to be run by high school kids. It was somewhat alarming, but what harm could an ultrasound do? Still it was kind of fun. They turned on the big machine and started taking pictures.

They look just like her. Disturbing but cute, an interesting mix.

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