Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Big Spreadsheet

I did some math last night based off some guesses as to my power consumption. I modeled my power usage in a nice spreadsheet. The model is telling me that my savings are going to be much less than I initially thought. It is also telling me I am using more power than the utility company is metering. I decided to order a kill-a-watt meter so that I can get a more accurate power model.
This only solves part of my problem because my biggest power loads are 240v hard wired appliances. This includes an electric clothes dryer (maybe 5500 Watts) and the central air conditioning (about 3500 Watts). I need to know my peak power profile in order to have an accurate cost model. A good solution is an optical meter reader which just reads the spinning disk on the power companies meter. I have never used one or know anything about these. The theory is sound. The formula to compute instantaneous power consumption from Wikipedia is: Power=(3600*7.2)/t where t is the amount of time one revolution of the disk takes. I am thinking about making my own meter reader, but it might be a little tricky as my meter cover is not very clear. Would be fun tho.
I'll update again when I get the kill-a-watt and post my power numbers.

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